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True Love of Crime

by Belaver

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Prisoner 05:33
That was me back when When I did em, I did em in And I still use my hands, even though a well bound man I am But I'm no sad old friend, I'm everyone I'm more of who I am than what I have done You'll find me under the sun, thinkin on someone Waitin on my time to come I'm ok if this prison is my home I can't say what I'd do if they let me go
Partner 03:46
I'll always need a lookout I can't rob a bank alone I'll always need a car driver To make my getaway back home I always need a partner Crime takes time need someone on my side I'll always need a sharp shooter You fire low, I'll fire high They can get us to run but they can't make us hide What they don't expect we'll resist till we die They can try to take us out They can try to take our lives But there ain't no way we'll go away without a flight You and I were made to rampage Stockpile guns and kill em all the same You and I we have a violent mind If we didn't try it'd be a crime We're a slow, low, crawling, criminal We're a slow, low, crawling, criminal
Doer 03:02
Oh no, I think I did it again I might have done that thing again Don't go, yeah I might never quit But what am I without it My old self said he'd be a better pal But what's he know bout who I'm now Just because once I was, what then I did But now I am and I didn't What that was, that was then and this isn't I swear I won't at this moment Everyone does what everyone does
Swimmer 04:01
We got outta hand, we got disconnected Like hell on earth, fire and armageddon Like the continents set adrift, disconnected Or the elements in a nuclear combustion Everyone loves a man with his head down If the ground runs out, if water reaches the mouth, this is just the beginning There's too much distance from the surface, it's time to start swimming Everyone loves a man with his head down Even when love is not the last thing he's thinking, everything is sinking down Gasp for air, the last chance before nothing is there, we're past the darkest part, it's all blue water from here, relax, lay back, let your lungs, releasing the fear Gasp for air
Dancer 02:58
Vampire 03:22
I got the latest greatest shit off the ground Got the most expensive dirt you'll find lyin around Got some trash that I stole, its worth more than your soul Got a very fine home deep in a very fine hole You can guess what I paid for this sparkling chain Off the corpse of a man who sang his very last day There's more gold in my eyes from what I can surmise, when I close em real tight and give way to my lies I'm a vampire livin in the light Steal your heart, steal your soul, steal your mind I'm a vampire livin in the light Steal your heart, steal your soul, steal your mind Oh It's so easy to be just anybody One day I'm you and the next day you're me Yeah it's the simplest thing, like this song that I sing We all steal who we are but we're still what we think
Grave Robber 02:55
I'm headin out lookin for buried treasure I'm goin round to dig up some old cadavers All that I've found is dusty old tired and hollow Still pull em out I'll melt em down into a dollar I heard them bodies are buried in jewelry They lay em with their secrets between their teeth I heard their eyes are covered in wheat pennies They fill all their bones up with ivory But what I discovered is not what I remember These bones are rather rough and altogether weathered I can make the best of most of anything I don't want to consider So here I am in a hole, holding up another My mind is playin tricks on me Nothin that I see is, what it seems So I'm just about sick of all the climbing out I might stay down someone else dig me out
Finder 02:45
I'm too tired to think too tired to try It's too early to drink but I got too much to unwind It's too late to matter too sad to cry Too old to care too young to die The aimless heart tries to find Purpose born in the mind It tries for coffee, it tries for wine All it knows is it all it finds Gold is gold even if it's old, just a drop a polish from a bottle I'm told No one knows what a trouble I've stowed Someday it might bubble, this trouble will blow
Driver 06:40
Oh say can you believe what I see I see our bodies exploding Do you really think if we keep driving We'll break free of the barricade Stop me if you think you'll be ugly up on the big screen I want you to be pretty when they arrest me Or stop me if you're getting hungry We can't go dying on an empty belly Maybe nothing can stop us when we're driving Oh baby when it's you and me we will survive anything Oh baby hold on tightly Even if we crash and burn we will survive Even if we crash and burn you and I can never die


released April 26, 2019

Ben Godfrey - Singer, Songwriter
Robert Ellis - Producer, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Kelly Doyle - Producer, Guitar, Drum Sequencing
Engineered and mixed by Steve Christensen
Mastered by Heba Kadry
Artwork by Dustin M Reid & Ben Godfrey
Released by Feel Bad Records


all rights reserved



Belaver New York, New York

Belaver is the project of NYC-based songwriter Ben Godfrey. In 2014 Godfrey released his debut EP, Wild Desperation, produced by songwriter Robert Ellis, with elegantly stark instrumentation and ominous murderous narratives. In 2019 Robert Ellis produced a follow-up Belaver LP, True Love of Crime, as lush contrast to Wild Desperation with electronic elements over themes of lovers on the run. ... more

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