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Lain Prone

by Belaver

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They say the world is gonna end It's everybody's final chance To make it better if they can, it's up to them Yeah I'm ready here it comes The ocean rising or the sun If we don't drown we're gonna burn Either way it's gonna hurt So pause the games, come down to earth We're all waiting, it's your turn There's still some time for you to transform You have so much to learn Scorched earth comin' on, plastic ocean rising up Maybe the waves will cool us off Acid rain burnin’ our broken brains Bringing up toxic thoughts to ease the pain Anything to ease the pain Dreaming of the day we’re back in space Free afloat on all the rays Back to basics we’ll be basically Back to the beginning Start again another try We’ll try to get it right next time And if we fuck up so what So we die another time Scorched earth comin' on, plastic ocean rising up Maybe the waves will cool us off Acid rain burnin’ our broken brains Bringing up toxic thoughts to ease the pain Anything to ease the pain I know it's hard with all these assholes With their laws and with their loopholes But the worst thing that you could do is to think that you're not one too
In The R L 03:33
There I am, there I go, on your phone See me being me, suspend disbelief Just words on a screen Yeah I don't know if I can go out into the rl (real life) Maybe you can bring the whole world to me on my little machine If the hand clappers win Let's reset the simulation Start the world all over again And then when we end our lith-ium dependence That could be us, back on my shit again What do we become when the moments’ gone? Better capture this one You should hold real still Tilt your head a little Gotta get it looking real Even if I live always distracted it's all relative I mean who's to say what's reality It's all just something we see Now that they've crowned their idiot king Time to shut it down, take it off the cloud, delete everything How do I hold onto something I know is fake? Take my cyber lyfe, take my megabytes, make it all go away
We could have a 70s adventure, jump in a lake They catch us stealing peaches from a farmer, we get chased away Wear the same thing week after week, wash it in a stream Stealing only what we need, living day to day We can live without, within our means We could have a 70s adventure slash comedy I hit you with a key lime pie right in your face You hide a scorpion in my shoe, it gets my toe, we have to amputate Along the way you meet someone new and they catch your eye and out of your eye I fade We could have a 70s, coming of age, a little romance, a little tragedy And then I'm selling life insurance policies door to door Always wondering, is this one yours?
The Storm 03:01
I see the storm a comin, wild and brave It's eye it keeps on movin, always changing shape I want to give chase but I know my place It's just like in the movies, the hero waits Until the final moment, memory delayed You'll never know pleasure, until you know pain I ran into the desert to see if it's like they say Looking for skeletons and rattlesnakes But didn't see anything My father used to tell me we're not what we think You wanna think you're perfect and that's a mistake I always felt busted, I could never relate This wind has got me bracing but I'm gonna wait See if I can make it, I was always more foolish than afraid... I went to San Francisco, tried to get laid She took me to her notell and said I didn't have to pay And after I came I ran away Sometimes when I'm drinking alone in my place I put on a movie and go into space Pull up my phone, put down a phrase This storm has got me thinking maybe I’ll stay Hold onto something heavy and hope I don’t blow away
Gutted 03:15
Go hide on the roof, go hide on a tree What's that I see? You run on down the street You got somewhere to be? Anywhere but there If then I knew what I do now I don't know I might leave it alone If I could say one thing to me is The greatest gift that you could get Is the chance to live through this, to live gutted Now that you've made it this far You can do anything you want You don’t need those parts The fire made you strong Now you can show someone They're at their greatest, gutted You became your greatest when you were gutted Someday soon you might run into you And what do you do with your chance to warn another you Do you make a move? Or let yourself become what makes you, you
Mount Misery 03:52
Take me to the trough it's never enough I'm hungry and thirsty and I get what I want I want you to move me to mount misery I'm white as a ghost and free as can be I'm cursed with the curse of knowledge and work Whatever I think I'm sure you'll agree I take what I want and I don't want to work I am what I am the American Dream So please, give me everything A platform to piss on, a two dollar word With arms open wide and back fully turned I'm sad cause I don't have whatever you have Why me why now more than ever I'm sure Let me bring you to Bellevue and unburden your brain Starve you and shock you till you’re seein’ straight I reek with the stench of perfume and meat I'm covered in blood from toes to my teeth My belly's so full I can't see My belt is so tight I can't breathe If I let go of something I'd be free But my grip is too tight to release In my gin palace I sit and I dream I dream up the things that'll come after everything I hope that my good lord and savior believes That I was sincere when I said the right things Even in death I still expect treasure forever for doing nothing If I'm not entitled to be fed and be fucked That might mean I might be the one who is what I say is my enemy
Monday 03:24
Birthdays remind me how I age In a way that feels like I’ll never make it And holidays take me to a time When I wasn’t part of the celebration And all the other days seem to blur Into a blur of work and fiction But Monday, Monday is ok That’s my day, the one that people hate I don't know what I'd do without you So when you go, go on any other day that you want to Just leave me my day to hold onto If I turn this page and turn another age and get old In my old ways yeah I can stay or yeah change I suppose But that might take another me to up and grow Like if I had another head on my shoulder And then would that head say, “it ain't so great stuck with this man I hate” And then like you it’d have itself removed and run away
Death to the ways of the world My kingdom ain't one you can see Lose all your diamonds and pearls Sure won't need them where you are going Cause everything you touch is simply just a feeling And babe these feelings have a way of deceiving Now death to the weight of the world What you get is what you see No more bottles or pills Your troubles are only as big as you believe Even if you must get fucked up and cut yourself up Who'd I be to judge if maybe you've had enough
I don't feel like a man A racing thought, the wreckage is irreversible And still I search for something heavier In the nightmare, that is my every thought I'll take the grief you can keep the fear I don’t feel like a man I could walk in any place and turn it upside down with my mind I get stronger the longer I'm away Your hand aches, I tried, I tried, I tried Some things can't be stopped without a police state Bad word took a turn and I ended up face down in the dirt There's nothing like being right or like being first There's always another monster lurking in the earth If you dig you're sure to find what you're looking for There I remain, did you think I'd be prettier? I can't help it if I'm the one the worms prefer I don't feel like a man
In the tower of silence Left for the vultures to find us To peck what's left of our patience In the tower of silence You say you're writing to say how the house is sinking How all of the cost is amazing Hope I'm doing ok up in my building When they pick me apart with their beaks I know one thing They'll leave hungry for sympathy They won't find that bone inside of me Up in my building You can barely tell this was ever a wall You can hardly see this was ever a building There's no dollar amount that is about to change things It's too late to get out, birds are already circling Up the side you can try to climb I might be gone once you arrive I've been up there such a long time I can't say what you might find
I gave my soul to satan when I was six years old I figured he could use it more than I would Then when I'd pray to Jesus I knew my words weren't felt I had no soul to send them up I'd sent myself to hell Oh Lord won't you give me something else Cause what I got now already feels like hell And I would lay at night just thinkin’ how my future might Like maybe something that I could like, something like a real life But then my mind reminds, reminds me I'm a drone Remote controlled, no will of my own I'm a passenger lookin’ out the window Just a passenger lookin’ out the window I’m just a passenger lookin’ out the window
Your burden becomes the bearer Bearer brings the burden to bear I'll become the one you come around When no other bearers are there But will I have the strength after bringing all the weight Of everything I've been pulling even younger bones will break Underneath the pressure the burden finds a way But then it has its own new load of burdens to delegate Oh will I become, mmm what I despise? Will I pass it along, is this my prize? Someday even this burden will need someone to take And just like his bestowers before him His buckle will be his break Oh will I become, oh what I despise? Will I pass it along, is this my prize?
The Billow 02:51
Don't you wish you were on the beach By the open water just suckin’ up the breeze Off the coast of Maine where the water’s clear I dip my toe in the sand and watch it disappear Yeah go to the oceanside and roll your body in the tide And let it wash away in the common waves Yeah let your mind be occupied By sense of smell and the sense of sight And forget about that massive beach All those shores beneath your feet And one day you may look up From beneath the crashing sea And see yourself floating out Into the endless possibility And when you land on land Crawl hand over hand With more pain than you can handle Again you must put your trust into the billow
The Room 03:52
Hey Yeah I'm still here Holdin’ down the fort When you get back you'll find me On the floor Sprawled Spread all around the room Like I'll soon Become the room “On my way, be there in 5 Walkin’ up, I'm right outside” To what Do I owe the pleasure Of your graceful presence As you walk all over my old floorboards “Well it's hard to say but I'll try I am here to say goodbye” Well that's no big surprise I saw it in your eyes I always knew but I chose not to see the truth “Hey it's not so cut and dry Don't you even wonder why?” Well I think it's safe to assume You don't want to be with someone who has become a room And that I have turned you into your very own room And now you must find someone to walk all over you This time I'll see it comin’ You can only see up from the bottom I’ma lay here ‘til I'm rotten Peel me up when you see me sofen Leave me naked in the New York sun I'll be cookin here until I'm done Me and my room we've become one I'm just a piece of furniture for you to step on


released October 22, 2021

Written by Ben Godfrey
Produced by Robert Ellis
Mixed by Josh Block
Mastered by Heba Kadry
Recorded at Machines With Magnets
Engineered by Seth Manchester
Additional Instrumentation by
Electric Guitar: Adam Nguyen
Percussion: Grant Martin
Woodwinds & Electronics: Isak Gaines
Management by Dust Reid | Red Hot

© 2021 Niles City Records under exclusive license from Feel Bad Records


all rights reserved



Belaver New York, New York

Belaver is the project of NYC-based songwriter Ben Godfrey. In 2014 Godfrey released his debut EP, Wild Desperation, produced by songwriter Robert Ellis, with elegantly stark instrumentation and ominous murderous narratives. In 2019 Robert Ellis produced a follow-up Belaver LP, True Love of Crime, as lush contrast to Wild Desperation with electronic elements over themes of lovers on the run. ... more

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